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As a special highlight, Christopher Bauder presents a few exclusive VEKTOR live performances together with several guest musicians. In the live shows, Bauder unveils an extended version of the art installation in terms of time and content, which follows a concert-like dramaturgy. Bauder himself is at the controls to modulate both the visual and musical parameters of the installation live.


The live shows have a dramaturgical development in which ambient and beat-driven sections alternate. This is based on a classic concert setting with a defined beginning and end. The close connection between beats, cinematic sound design and performative visuals plays a central role when Christopher Bauder and his fellow musicians interact with light and sound in real time. No two performances are the same.

Photos: Ralph Larmann / Eric Bauermeister


The transformative power of VEKTOR can be experienced in two different ways: exhibition and live performance.



Christopher Bauder is a light artist, designer, inventor and musician all in one.

Since studying Visual Communication and Experimental Media Design at the Berlin University of the Arts, Bauder has worked as an artist around the world, focusing on the transfer of bits and bytes into real space and vice versa. Light, object, space and sound are the central elements of his work. Christopher Bauder's installations and performances have delighted audiences around the world.


Jan Urbiks is a percussionist, electronic music composer and spatial audio engineer living in Berlin. He started to play drums at the age of six. In his experimental and conceptional workflow he morphs percussive elements and rhythm with electronic sound processing and performance.

His sound creations explore spatial depth, textural structures and the impact of movement on diverse audio formats. Jan has worked with a range of musicians including Lea Porcelain.


Maarten Vos is a Dutch cellist, composer and producer based in Berlin. He focuses his work on the creation of composing modern classical and electronic music where he transforms traditional instrumentation into newfangled sounds with an exploratory approach to the cello combined with modular synthesizers and other electronic instruments. Vos played at various places around the world such as Sonár, Le Guess Who?, MUTEK, Rewire, Paris Philharmonie, Contact Tokyo, Funkhaus Berlin, Amsterdam Dance Event, Cryptic Glasgow, Lowlands and was artist in Residence at MONOM/Funkhaus in Berlin and Theatre de Chaillot in Paris.


vōx is a multidisciplinary project exploring intimacy, self worth, and generational trauma through visuals, fashion, and music; Pioneering the new genre of Trauma Pop.

She's been covered by Billboard, BBC, Vogue, i-D, and Paper Magazine among others and has performed around the world including at Art Basel Miami, Paris Fashion Week, Sonar Barcelona, Mutek Japan, Pride NYC, and the Alexander McQueen Sarabande Foundation.

* Only on Thursday & Friday, 04.+05.04.

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